Content Creation Tips

Creating content can be really tough sometimes. Whether you’re creating photos, videos, or written content; this list of tips should surely help you get the most work done.

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Video Content creation

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By offering your viewers quality video content you'll be able to really boost your following online.

Video Camera Suggestions

These cameras are widely suggested for content creators and come highly recommended.

Audio Tips & Tricks

You can have amazing audio without breaking the bank. While I personally use external mics in my filming, you can also use a few tips to make the most out of what you already have. These articles and videos provide an amazing set of tips to better understand how to have better audio for in your videos and podcasts.

Microphone Suggestions

Audio is of utmost importance. If you want to put out some great audio than you’ll need a good external mic. Built in mics just don’t deliver the quality you’ll need to get to the next level.

Lighting Tips

For me personally, lighting is the most illusive concept to grasp. Sometimes it can be very tough to get your lighting correct if you’re not able to access sunlight. These videos and articles will show you a few different techniques and tips to make sure you’re lit up nicely.

Lighting Product Suggestions

The lighting listed on this section comes recommended by trusted YouTubers and Vloggers. The pricing is ranged from low budget to a higher budget. These are just some suggestions for common lighting kits. Remember, the best light is free: the sun.

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