Money Making Tips

Want to make your content creation sustainable by creating income? Well here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make that happen. There are many different ways you can get support from your community and earn a living doing what you enjoy. 

If you’re looking to earn money with your brand via that web than check out below. Have content suggestions? Email them to me at

Affiliate Marketing

In essence Affiliate Marketing is using your platform to sell products for other people. If you buy a product based upon my suggestion than I can make money off of that via Affiliate Marketing. You can do the same thing as well.


Crowdfunding is the process of getting funds from your viewers. Typically the contributors to your channel receive some types of perks including bonus videos, shoutouts, etc. Common sites used for CrowdFunding are Patreon and IndieGogo. Crowdfunding requires an engaged audience and a brand with great value.

Product Sales

If you have a particular product or service you can offer your viewers than you could easily use your following to push that. Products can be merchandise, learning courses, books, etc.

Ad Placement

Ad Placement is most likely the easiest place to start making money online. It includes YouTube Monetization and Google Adsense for websites. There are many different solutions here to provide you with some great income.

Public Speaking

If you are considered an authority in your field you might find yourself being asked to speak publicly about your knowledge. Public Speaking gigs can earn you quite a bit of money if you are a big enough name.
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