Web Building Tips

Obviously we believe highly in the importance of having a website. Being online with your own .com can really add amazing value to your brand. It doesn’t have to be hard either, with these tips and tricks you don’t need to be a coding whiz in order to get online. Let us help.

If you’re looking to build an amazing website for your business than check below. Have content suggestions? Email them to me at learn@hostingmine.net

SEO Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to make webpages and content easily readable by Search Engines, allowing you to appear higher for desired search terms.

Web Design Tips

The colors, appearance, and overall design of your website is very important to how well your page converts. These articles will help you out when determining the best way to design your webpage.

Great Website Tools

These tools are great for learning more about your website. Some of them help with your SEO, some are great for seeing performance, and some offer other great services. You don’t have to be a pro coder to get yourself online.

  • Hosting Mine – This website provides hosting and website solutions for someone looking to get online for a low price.
  • Pingdom – This website will tell you how fast your site loads and where you can improve upon the speed at which it loads. It also can monitor your uptime.
  • Google Analytics – Monitor the amount of viewers on yuor website and find valuable information about them to make better content and design.
  • Canva – Design images, banners, and other artwork easily with a drag and drop program. Best of all it’s FREE.

Erics Web Design Series

Join me as I go on a journey through various website design tools and methods. These series are meant to inform you so that you can make better decisions on website building and SEO. If you enjoy, please subscribe to the channel for more.

  • Eric Miner Media YouTube – This is the main link to my channel so you can see everything there is to offer. This includes web design, tools and resources, social media tips, and more.
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