Places of Interest

The categories below are for points of interest that you might like. It includes chanels and groups you should follow. Simply click on the category to jump there quickly.

Great YouTube Channels

The YouTube Channels listed below have helped me out over the years with some amazing content. You should check them out, give them a subscribe, and check them on a regular basis.

  • Video Creators – Tim Schmoyer helps YouTube creators build a following and spread a message.
  • Derral Eves – Allow YouTube Certified expert Derral Eves help you grow your channel.
  • Roberto Blake – He believes in ABC (Always Be Creating). Not just YouTube, this channel focuses on branding, business, and content creation.
  • Think Media TV – Equipment and Social Media Marketing. Sean Cannell offers up great advice.
  • Amy Schmittauer – This channel features videos on social with a major focus on vlogging. Great content with a great personality.
  • Gary Vaynerchuck – An entrepreneur that really gets social media. Fun to watch and inspirational.
  • Brian G Johnson – Brian is an author and a social media expert. His videos are entertaining and informative. You’ll be a YouTube pro in no time.
  • Nick Nimmin – Another amazing YouTuber. If you can’t find success on YouTube after following his advice, it might be you.
  • Creator Fundamentals – Dan gives advice on ranking in YouTube search and building a great channel.

Facebook Groups

Facebook has a lot of awesome groups to be a part of. These groups have many dedicated members that are willing to help you out. Certainly an awesome place to grow.


If you want something good to listen to while on your way to work, around the house, or at the gym than these podcasts are a great solution. I listen to the majority of these on a regular basis and they provide great insight.
  • No Bull Social Media Podcast – My podcast covering growth online using content marketing and social media to grow a brand.
  • Social Media Marketing Podcast – This Podcast is run by Social Media Examiner and is a great listen. Various guests come on weekly and share how to make it on social.
  • Social Media Marketing Talk Show – This show is filmed live and uploaded as a podcast. Features news from the week in social media. Great place to stay up on new features.
  • Vlog Boss Radio – Amy has a Podcast focused on YouTube. It’s a good listen for Vloggers.
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire – This is one of the originals. A daily podcast featuring different entrepreneurs that are killing it every day.
  • Create Something Awesome Today! – Roberto Blake talks about creating content for social media. It has a focus on multiple platforms, but a lot of it does center on YouTube.
  • The Business of Video Marketing – Hosted by Owen Video and Nick Nimmin, this podcast is recorded live on social media and uploaded as a podcast later. It is a good podcast with great guests.
  • Video Creators Podcast – This is hosted by Tim Schmoyer and features guests with vaarious tips to help you market yourself on video.
  • The Gary Vee Audio Experience – Essentially this is a podcast that features audio from his video series on YouTube. I listen to the AskGaryVee episodes on the go.


Some websites provide a valuable amount of information. I feel these ones provide great information and can help you learn more about social media.
  • Eric Miner Media Blog – This blog is mine (shameless plug), but I feel it provides information on social media and the process of starting a business online.
  •* – Great place to get any kind of artwork or other media work done. Many different services for creators all starting as low as $5.
  • Social Media Examiner – This is a great place to find articles and video on the latest in social media.
  • YouTube Creator Academy – If you’re in need of some great training to learn more about YouTube than I highly suggest this free course that YouTube provides. You can learn a lot from them.
  • Hootsuite Training Academy – Learn about various social networks and marketing. These are not free trainings, but they can be informative.
  • Moz – This website is a great place to look for some web building tips and SEO advice. There is a lot of Free SEO tools on the website and a blog you can learn from.
  • Mashable Social Media – This is a place to see news on social media and learn about what’s new.
  • TechCrunch Social Media – This page is all about social media from one of the biggest sources for tech news online today. Stay up to date on the happenings around the world of social media.
  • Social Media Today – News on all things socil media. Get the updates and stories that might affect you online.
  • Swipe File – This website features images of different resources you can use to draw inspiration from when you’re making a mailer or marketing plan.
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